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If you are looking for a review of Rogue One that is more indepth, yenside and CGConFix will be dropping that review later this evening. For now though, we will focus on a vague spoiler free review of Rogue One and will not mention anything about Boba Fett's apperance in the movie or the fact that the Emperor has a son. (Because those things never happen in the movie) 

Going into the movie I did not know what to expect. Short of the trailers, I sheltered my self from script and plot leaks as well as kept as far away from reddit as I possibly could. 

With that back story, I will say that Rogue One definitely will be a breath of fresh air for those who did not like the prequels and scoffed at The Force Awakens and is more in touch with the nostalgia of the original trilogy. If what I just wrote gets you excited congrats you are getting the Star Wars movie you always wanted but don't deserve. 

From a kids perspective, my nine year old son liked Rogue One better than The Force Awakens. While I loved the movie, even 2 days later after seeing it I'm still debating where it falls in my own personal ranking system of Star Wars movies as I have enjoyed them all with Episode 2 being my least favorite.  I probably will not know until I see it again as I do fully intend on doing.

Here are some tid bits spoiler free

- Character development was excellent and amazingly pulled off considering these are characters we only have two hours to learn about and connect with all while building a plot. 


- K2SO & Chirrut Imwe were not only my own but sons favorite characters

- Rogue One is actually pretty funny in a better way than Jar Jar or C3PO humor. 

- You will build emotional attachment to ceartin characters quickly and unknowingly. 

- Special affects and Aliens races are as to be expected amazing

- There are some surprises and a fair amount of easter eggs

- My girl friend who has only seen The Force Awakens loved it. (I'm in the process of helping her have a soul, sad I know, the good news is Rogue One may have made her a padiwan Star Wars fan though) 

Well short of spoilers, that is the best review I can give. Check back to yenside and CGConFix tonight for a more detailed review with spoilers included.

- CGConFix

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