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New Shows Coming to Fox


Fox appears to be on a roll with it's new shows coming later this year. We've already talked about The Gifted (although I'm still going to drop the trailer here, again), but here are a couple others that may have slipped under your radar.


The Orville


The Orville is a Star Trek parody show created by and staring Seth MacFarlane, produced by Jon Favreau, and honestly, it looks hilarious. 





Ghosted, stars Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine), and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), as two civilians kidnapped by a shadow organization that investigates the paranormal. It seems to be another Spoof type show, in the vein of The X-Files. And it also looks like it has some potential. See for yourself.

and of course, 

The Gifted


The Gifted, as I've mentioned before in previous articles, is a Marvel/Fox show set in the X-Men cinematic universe. It follows a group of young mutants, some of whom are just discovering their powers, including a pre "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Blink, on the run from the Mutant Hunting Government Organization, Sentinel Service. Like Fax's Legion, I feel like this show will open up an entirely new side of the X-Men cinematic universe we've yet to see. Hopefully this will lead to more live action Marvel TV Series. And Yes, I know there's already been at least 7 or 8, with another 3+ coming this year, but I'm a fan. Sue me. The Gifted is set to premier on Fox this Fall. 

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