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CGYen Gets Offical Gear!


Studio 1138 & CGYen just received our first run of staff shirts and we could not be more excited! They arrived on schedule! Looked exactly the way we wanted them and have received great feedback from everyone who has seen them!

We would like to give a big shout out to  Momentum Printing and Productions for an awesome first run! If you have any t-shirt, sweat shirt or other printing needs we highly recommend Momentum Printing as they have done a great job for us! Momentum Printing went out of their way to take care of us, provided great customer service and actually delivered the shirts to our home office personally! 

Due to the feedback we have gotten on how many people liked the shirt, we are considering making a second run for the CGYen community and want you to be a part! Soooo how many people would like to own a piece of history and represent not only something we love but you do as well? 

Email cgconfix@studio1138.com for more info

CGYen would like to thank our entire community for helping us grow, with out you what we are doing today would not be possible! 

Once again CGYen would like to thank Momentum Printing Productions for making this happen! 



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