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Deadpool & Harley Quinn Date Day Diary Entry #1 With Pics & Video!!

Dear diary, it's me Deadpool! Today while looking for Francis I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen beating some crazy dude dressed like bat with a baseball bat! I could have swore that during mid swing her and I locked eyes for a moment and when our eyes met a car drove by playing  Jackson Browne's Somebodys Baby! 

Inspired by Jackson Brownes tune, I did what any rational person would do and stalked my soon to be wife a few blocks down the road to a park.


I'm pretty sure she knew the whole time that I was following her but I still attempted to use maximum effort to persue her! 


I had to get closer to this creature of beauty and slowly but surely worked my way into her world! 


Yeah diary, that's her above me in this pic! I was really nervous but remembered the amazing words of the Jackson Browne song I had heard earlier..." I know I'm gonna know her but I've gotta get over my fright..."

There was a point where I became pretty certain she was baiting me so I decided to make my move!   "Well I'm just gonna walk up to her.."

There was a point where I became pretty certain she was baiting me so I decided to make my move!

"Well I'm just gonna walk up to her.."


"I'm gonna talk to her toniiiight" 

Oh wait sorry, I'm back dear diary! Could not help but sing that song while looking at those pictures! But anywho! What happened next was amazeaballs!  


At first she ran from me but luckily I'm pretty quick and chased her down. When I finally caught up to her this crazy bitch tries to start beating me with her bat like she did to the crazy bat dude earlier. The only difference between him and I, is that I can take a beating! What is even better than that is that this chick was impressed by my ability to take a beating! If i remember correctly her exact words were " Impressive! hi my name is Harley take me now!" Or they could have just been just "Hi I'am Harley" 


From that moment on Harley and I were in love! We sat we talked, we held hands.  We bonded in a way that I never had with any other girl!


Not to be over confident I still went out of my way to impress her though!


Well there was one awkward moment! 


Not to be out done, she even did somethings to impress me! 


But all and all dear diary, Harley and I were happy and in love! 

Or at least so I thought...See diary, eventually Harley convayed to me that she had a boy friend. Some guy she calls Mr J! Yeah I know diary! What kind of name is Mr J? I was pretty upset and that may be why I did not see the dude with the green hair and pail skin taking pictures of us! What is even weirder, is that he was laughing the whole time. It was kind of freaky!


Needless to say after having such a wonderful time together, I invited her back to her place for some Netflix and Chill. I don't think she appreciated my forwardness though! 


Or even more likely she was just playing hard to get! 

So diary that was my day! Now i sit here in my room listening to Journey Seperate ways dreaming of the day that this wild unicorn will come back into my life! Until then alls I'm left with are memories and a hole in my heart! Well the gun shot wound has healed up already but metaphorically speaking my heart is broken! Till next time diary good night - Deadpool

Photography by Brent Pearson of Tragic Beauties Photography

Harley Quinn - Chastity Vonfae

Deadpool - Chris Gannon

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