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Black Lightening Full Season Ordered By The CW!


Black Lightening was never a comic book character I (CGConfix) was very fimilar with from my youth but Wow, if this story line does not peak your interest stop reading this and immediately go to a shrink!


Black Lightening who will be played by Cress Williams ( Prision Break & Close To Home) , will be about a super hero who hung up his crime fighting cape and mask years to become a teacher. That is until his daughter comes along and starts fighting crime. In addition to this when a star student of Black Lightening is recruited by a local gang, Balck Lightening gets enough reason to get his gear on and go out and become a super hero again!


Here is a little on Black Lightenings Powers And abilities -

Originally, he was described as having no innate powers, using a belt that allowed him to generate a force field and project electrical bolts. This power was later revealed to exist as a result of the Metagene, according to Invasion #3.

According to Black Lightning: Year One, Jefferson Pierce is, in current continuity, a meta human born with the ability to generate and magnify externally-localized electro-magnetic phenomena, by manipulating intense bio-electric fields generated from his body. This is a power that he internalized and kept hidden for much of the early part of his adult life. Exactly how much electrical energy Black Lightning can generate is unknown, but he can easily stun or kill a man with his internal powers, and on one occasion, he was able to restart Supermans heart after the Man of Steel had suffered from a near-fatal Kryptonite exposure. He can also generate a powerful electro-magnetic force field capable of stopping projectiles, however, this act requires considerable effort and concentration. He has demonstrated the ability to create an electro-magnetic repulsion field which grants him limited-flight capabilities. Pierce also maintains his Olympic-level physical conditioning, giving him above-average strength, speed, and stamina. Under Batman's tutelage, he has become a highly-skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

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