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Sounds Like We Are Finally Getting A Good Thor Movie! Hulk Vs Thor Coming In Ragnarok! Possible Visit To Planet Hulk?


Chris Hemsworth posted this Instagram video yesterday titled "Getting ready to fight the Hulk" 

Thor Rangnarok is not set to hit theaters in November 3rd but as usal leaks are starting to come forth. 

It appears part of the story line will be about Banner and Thor traveling together to Asgard until something divides them and causes them to fight each other. 

There are also rumors that we may get a glimpse of planet Hulk. Could be a good reason as to why Hulk is traveling with Thor. Perhaps Shield thought the safest bet for Hulk would be to be shot out into space as they did in Planet Hulk.

CGYen will keep you updated as more Thor news breaks but Rangnarok appears to be shaping up to be the best Thor movie yet!


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