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Logan Review (Spoilers) Do Not Read If You Live Under A Rock And Have Not Seen It Yet! Skip 3D And See It In Dolby!!!


"Don't be, what they made you" 

Every once and a while a movie comes along that simply blows you away! A movie that when finished you sit back, sigh and say "wow" while still processing what you just saw!  For CGConFix of CGYen this movie was Logan.

It has been 30 minutes since I left the theater I saw Logan in and I already want to go see it again! Outside of the amazing story line, excellent character development, epic fighting scenes, many easter eggs and elite acting by the cast, what will be most memorable to me about Logan is the movies message.


When you strip the movie down to it's bare bone storyline, you find a valuable life message with in. A message that can give anyone, even those in the deepest of darkest places, motivation, hope and the strength to carry on!

"Don't be, what they made you" are the last words of wisdom Logan speaks to his daughter before he dies. Basically what he is telling her is "do not be like me". 


At the beginning of Logan, we quickly see the physical and mental scaring Logan has endured throughout his life. Logan definitely is not the same Wolverine we all know and love from the comics or previous movies. Instead, Logan is a bitter, jaded old man. Bitter and jaded not because he is a bad person but because of how much he suffered physically and mentally (by no fault of his own) as a result of the world he lives in.

Logans code name is Weapon X and just as his name describes, Logan's sole purpose of being created was to be a weapon. All of Logans memories consist of survival, blood shed and death because of who he was made to be. Sadly it is not until his dying breath (while looking into his daughters eyes) that Logan is able to find the peace that he has searched for his whole life. 


"Do not be, what they made you"  .....

Logan tells his daughter this because he knows much like himself, the world she is about to live in is one in which will cause her pain, anger and will go out of it's way to keep her from having a happy life.  He is telling her " I know, it is not fair but you have a choice, do not be like me. The world can take everything from you and will attempt to control you but you do not have to let it as I have."

"Don't be, what they made you" 

Life can be unfair. Horrible things happen to good people for no reason at all. Often times when these horrible things happen, it changes a person inside. The consiquences to the unprovoked action turn into a loss of innocence, which in return triggers a transformation into an unnatural state in which the world wants a person to conform to. In other words, if you allow something negative that has happened to you in your life to change you, it will spread through you like a cancer. and you will become exactly what caused you the pain in the first place. (Hence the doctors reference to Logan about "something killing him from the inside".

Fear, pain, and suffering only breeds more fear, pain and suffering. The purpose of these negative emotions is to change you in attempt to keep you from living a happy life and  being who you are really meant do be. When this happens you allow the world to define you instead of defining yourself and fail to ever truly live!

Logan is out in theaters now and CGYen gives it a rating 10/10 stars. Easily the best movie of 2017! 

What are you doing still reading this? Go see it! If you already have, go see it again! 

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