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Mobile Game Review: Marvel Future Fight. Bonus Leaked Update Info Included!


For the past two years we have played Marvel Future Fight and do not see ourselves stopping anytime soon. Despite a massive power creep in the game Marvel Future Fight is plenty of fun to play, even just mildly being competatvite in pvp. For those who may not enjoy pvp, there is actually plethera of missions and quests to complete that are a ton of fun.  


Upfront, this like Star Wars Heros (previous article) is a game that will take you 9 months to a year of daily play from fresh start to become competitive in. What CGYen loves most about it is that rather than just having your core popular Marvel Super Hero's and villians, Marvel Future Fight takes things to the next level by including lesser known comic book characters. For example have you ever wanted to play a video game as Elsa Blood Stone, Karnak of The InHumans or even Thor's baby daddy Odin? Well in Marvel Future Fight you can.

GUI:  The GUI is very simple to navigate here is an example below. 


Game Play:

Currently there are 13 different game play modes. Missions, Special Missions, Daily Missions, World Boss, Alliance Battle, Timeline Battle, Shadow Lands, Villans Seige, World Boss Invasion, Co Op Play and Battle World! As you can tell this game can be a massive time sink. It generally takes 45 minutes to and hour a day to complete all modes. With that being said Marvel Future Fight is in no way a game for the causal gamer. In contrast Marvel Future Fight is for the gamer who has an hour a day to dedicate to it for a year or two. Currently Future Fights developer Netmarble is working on reducing in game time due to complaints from player base.

Most of the game play modes are NPC based where as the three modes Timeline Battle and Battle World are where PVP takes place. 


The NPC game modes plays like old NES Street Fighter. Walk down a street and use different attacks to kill enemies! One thing I love about Marvel Future Fight is that it's attack animations are possibly the best looking of any mobile game on the market. 


Combined with different attribute and equipment builds/enhancments when you go into a pvp battle you can destroy your oppentents level 60 Iron Fist only to go into the next match being brutally beaten by anothers level 60 Iron Fist. This is due to the fact that once you fully level up a character there are so many options you can choose from to make that character unique. Due to the rarity of some of the enhancments, when building characters you need to pick carefully which character to spend them on. This brings a lot of balance to the pvp system and causes players to work on strategy opposed to getting the flavor of the month character.



Not going to spend a lot of time on alliances but will say being in a good alliance can not only help you level/gain items but add a ton of fun to the game in chat. In good alliances you really get to know your guild mates.

Bonus leaked next update info: 

Thanks to leaks via Reddit user qfuw, Netmarble is planning what looks to be a big mode with the next update and we are assuming that this will currently take the form of the locked Alliance mode that you see in the game at the moment.


We don’t know the exact details yet, but leaks inside the code suggest that this mode is going to reward players with Alliance Memento, Alliance Store EXP and also Alliance Points.

Also leaked from the same source is rewards for the Global Character Ranking system that Netmarble introduced with 2.9.5.

We could now see gold, uniform upgrade kits and biometric selectors given away during events that need a certain character and depending on how high your character is ranked will depend on which prizes you will be able to win.



In addition to your characters stock comic book uniform almost every character has an alternate uniform that can be purchased with earned or pay wall in game currency. The alternate uniforms look great but of course add bonus's to your characters stats as well as different animations changing attacks.

Full Character List


One weak point of Marvel Future Fight that everyone hates is due to legal reasons Future Fight does not include any of the X-men or Deadpool. Gwenpool is in the game though! 

Full detailed character list can be found here



Final Verdict - Obviously we have been playing this game for two years now and we love it! It definitly is not a game for the casual gamer though. If you plan to play future fight competitivly plan to dedicate at least one hour a day for the grind. If you are a casual gamer, it is still generally over all fun to just burn sometime with pretending to be your favorite super hero.



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