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Legion! Chapter 6 Review & Who Or What Exactly Is The Shadow King?! (SPOILERS)


Up until this point FX's premier show Legion has done all it can to stay far away from anything that resembles any relation to the orgin of Legion in X-men comicsbooks. Starting with Chapter five's revelation that David was adopted and now leading into Chapter six's slow introduction of The Shadow King, Legion is in a very sly way rebooting and saving Fox's X-Men Universe.

Before CGYen takes you to school to educate you on the back story of Legions big baddie The Shadow King, we are going to discuss something things you may have missed in last nights episode Chapter 6.

By far Chapter 6 has been one of the best, if not the best episode of Legion to date. While nothing action oriented occurred like in Chapter 5, Chapter 6 starts connecting some dots and answering some questions viewers of the previos five episodes were wait for.

The biggest question answered in Chapter 6 by far is who or what is Lenny/Doctor Busker? Chapter 6 explains that Lenny is not just another one of Davids many personality but a parasite/fungus that has attached itself to Davids brain in attempts to control his powers. Lenny explains this to David and as she does a flash comes across the screen to reveal Lenny as The Monster with the yellow eyes also know as The Shadow King.


In addition to this much needed revelation Lenny also explains to David that is father (Professor Xaiver) had attempted to keep David away from her and that is how she discovered just how powerful David really was.

Diving deeper into X-Men comicbook orgin stories The Shadow King is actually the main reason Professor Xaiver formed the X-men. Prior to the formation of the X-men Xaiver fought the telepath Amahul Farouck (The Shadow King) . It was this battle between Xaiver and The Shadow king that propelled Xaiver to form the X-men as a team.

With only two episodes left in the first season of Legion, the burning question in everyones mind is "will we end up seeing professor Xavier appear in the show" With last weeks episode and this weeks episode both referencing Xaiver in addition to Patrick Stewarts recent exclamation that he would like to join the show, one can draw a pretty safe conclusion that there is a good chance we will see Xaiver for a brief moment in the season finale of season one or the start of season two. 

About The Shadow King

First apperance The Uncanny X-men #117


Taken from Wikipedia

The Shadow King, also known as Amahl Farouk, is a fictional character appearing in comic bookspublished by Marvel Comics. The Shadow King is an entity of pure psychic energy which feeds on a hatred of humanity, manifesting itself by possessing the bodies of humans. Created by writer Chris Claremont and illustrator-cowriter John Byrne, the character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #117 (January 1979) as the telepathic mutant Amahl Farouk. 


Farouk became a crime lord in Egypt, controlling Cairo's Thieves Quarter (where a young Charles Xavier'spocket was picked by a child, Ororo Munroe). After Xavier stopped her and retrieved his wallet, he was stuck by a bolt of psionic energy. When he recovered, he discovered that the source of the attack was a nearby tavern (where he met Farouk). Sitting at separate tables, they conversed telepathically. Farouk told Xavier that he sensed another telepath nearby, and the attack was a warning to stay clear of the area.

He unsuccessfully tried to persuade Xavier to join him in his criminal activities; Xavier believed that people with such gifts should use them to better the world. They assumed astral form, and Xavier defeated Farouk on the astral plane with a fatal psionic attack. Farouk was Xavier's first encounter with an evil mutant, which led to the formation of the X-Men. His psyche still on the Astral plane, Farouk awaited another chance to fight Xavier (whom he now feared).


The Shadow King was originally presented as a telepath second only to Professor X. He can possess other beings while on the astral plane and control it.

The Shadow King's nature as an astral form, preying on the bodies of powerful psychics and utilizing them to enslave others, was later revealed. In its native form, it can only be harmed psychically or by magic weapons and has demonstrated the ability to live for millennia. Its powers when possessing a body are limited to the body's capabilities.


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