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48.9770333 - 102.155491 (Logan Spoilers)

Now that Logan has spent it second weekend in theaters reaching 437 million global, news is trickling out about behind the scenes details.


Before you try to frantically search for and scarf up your very own copy of X-Men End Of Eden comicbook, know that this book was never in print and was only made to appear in the Logan movie. Although with the sucsess of Logan, I would be hard pressed to believe that eventually Marvel does not release a copy for fans to purchase in limited run. It would be foolish not to.


Now for fun! (Only keep reading if you are a super dork like me) Where exactly would Eden be located in the real world? 


To much compliment of the writers of Logan the coordinates point us to a small ghost town in North Dakota close to the boarder of the US and Canada.  

But back to the comicbooks.... As stated prior the book used in the movie was never in print but below are other covers that also were made for Logan and may or may not of some how appeared in the film. 


At closer look when you match the fictional books above up bar code to bar code with a book that has been printed and released in the real world, you get this... 


Marvel Announced Vader Orgin Story Run To Be Released Under Name "Year One"

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