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Legion! Legion! Legion! (Spoilers) Episode 5 Review

If you still have not taken CGYen's advice and started watching FX's Legion you need to get your head examined!  


Episode 5 of Legion opens up in contrast to the David we have seen in the previous 4 episodes. David has realized who he is "the magic man" and learned how to use a few of his infinite powers. Big difference from the fearful, incompetent David we have known the 4 episodes prior.

The synopsis of episode 5 basically centers around a change in David which can be only be defined as justified arrogance. How is one supposed to react when they discover that they are in essence God? 



Symbolism is a huge part of this show. Each episode David has a different shirt on. The previous episode David wore a shirt with a Hurricane on in. This was symbolic for the fact that life surrounding him was a mess. In the previous episode, David wore a shirt with an arrow pointing outward, symbolizing that David did not understand himself yet. In episode 5 David is wearing a shirt where the arrow is pointing to him though. This arrow symbolizes that David has found himself.  This is very obvious when David discovers the secret his sister has been hiding from him. The fact that he was adopted....

But wait, there is more....


Earlier this week Patrick Stewart on the late show with James Corden, Patrick stated he would be interested in playing Xaiver in both Deadpool and Legion. Take that as what you may, but it appears as if this could be where we start to see FX's Legion and Xmen canon start to merge. If Stewart ends up on Legion, with the sucsess of Logan, Legion could end up being a crafty way of rebooting the Fox X-Men franchise into something fans are begging for in comparison to Disneys Avengers!  

As always time will tell, but for now enjoy Legion and the fact that the show provides a lot of hope that Fox is fixing the X-Men Univerese. It may just so happen that Legion is the key!


Legion airs on FX Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. and previous episodes are on Verizon and Comcast on demand. 

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