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Stop What You Are Doing Now And Binge FX's Unique Hit Show Legion Before Episode 4 Airs Tonight At 10 P.M. Est!!!


Wow! Wow! Wow! What a surpise Legion has been! As a comic book collector, movie and tv enthusiast ; I often fall prone to the negative "this is nothing like the comic book" mind set. By this logic under normal circumstances FX's Legion should be a complete and utter failure but that is not the case! With Legion, if anything FX has gone out of the way to avoid any connection to the shows parent comic book orgins of the X-Men. While I hope eventually it starts to drift back towards the familiar, I can't help but think that Legion might be Fox's new perspective of the X-Men Universe such as we are about to all bare witness to when Logan is released. What if like in the Logan trailer, the comic books and previous X-Men movies were stories about our beloved X-Men that were embellished upon and we are about to see the reality of what really happened? "Maybe a quater of it happened, but not like this" says Logan in Logan #2 trailer!

If that pitch from above sounds interesting to you, stop reading this article now and go watch Legion! If you still need some convincing keep reading! 

Legion in itself, is a head trip! Think about how you felt after the first time you watched Fight Club . When you finally figured out what was really going on! With Legions abstract imagry, creative camera angels, visual symbolisms, many times you may be left scratching your head in confusion not realizing the answers you seek are so obviously in front of you. 

For those of you who have watched Legion, take a look at this three videos below and see how much you may have missed in the three episodes that have already aired! Good chance after you do, you may want to go back and re-watch the first 3 episodes again!


Honestly right now as of writing this article Legion is CGYen's favorite show on TV. It is hard to go for a full week waiting in between episodes to see what happens next. More often than not you need to rewatch the previous episode during the week to fully understand it. Legion is comfort TV for the intelligent, therefor you need to be attentive and think while you watch it. If not, you will probably not like the show and have no appreciation for just how amazing this show really is! 

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