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JLD Party Update:Crisis In Infinite Baltimores. The Flash Creates Another Timeline! JLD Party Is Now Flash Point Party!

Same date and time just altered time line! 

Same date and time just altered time line! 

Ok kids we have a huge update concerning the January 27th Justice League Dark party at Game next to Horse Shoe Casino in Baltimore! It appears as if Barry Allen has altered the timeline and as a result the party has changed from Justice League Dark to Flash Point Paradox. Thats right! Since Justice League Dark will not be out on DVD yet, pre party everyone will be gathering in costume to watch DC Comics Flash Point Paradox. Of course after we watch Flash Point we will proceed with the party which will include Karaoke and all the fun hijinks the typical cosplay crowd loves!

Those of you coming to meet local comicbook author Kevin Hock...have no fear! Kevin will still be attending despite the change in the timeline!  

Tickets to the Flash Point event can be purchased here. Get them soon time is running out!:  


Now on a more serious note. Don't use speed force! Not ,even, once! 


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