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Breaking News Rumor: Cumbernatch Out For Infinity War?! BLASPHEMY Or BS? CGConFix Calls BS! Hurry Click Bait!!!

Due to scheduling conflict Benedict Combernatch may not be playing Strange In Avengers Infinity War! 

Due to scheduling conflict Benedict Combernatch may not be playing Strange In Avengers Infinity War! 

The Uk's daily mail is reporting that due to " scheduling conflicts" Benedict Cumbernatch may not be able to film Doctor Stranges parts in Avengers Infinity War. Benedict is playing Thomas Edison in The Current War, which is currently filiming in London and will provide conflict for when he is needed for Infinity War.  Rumors are circulating that actor Aaron Lazar has been lined up to assume the Doctor Strange role.

Our money is on Cumberbatch! 

Our money is on Cumberbatch! 

Here at CGConfix we are not buying this. Benedict Comberbatch is very devoted to his role as Doctor Strange and with Disney handling Marvel, there is no way they would let this happen. Outside of Disney there is no way Benedict would let this happen either!

Running this page and website one thing I have come to realize is that news has been slow lately. With that being said, what I have seen from other sites is the need to create news or push out "top 10 articles". Click bait! CGconFix does not like to post click bait for our readers therefore or when a rumor or story like this comes along, we have an obligation to squash it. While we may be wrong in our opinion, CGconFix will go on record stating "We do not believe for one second that Benedict Cumberbatch will be recasted in Avenger Infinity War"

and thats all we have to say about that! 


Yes we know spelled Cumberbatch wrong...it was either biatch or natch! Point is it is fake news and a lot of sites post stuff like this to get clicks.

We don't here at CGConFix

Update: Benedict Cumberbatch will be appearing on Thor Ragnarok..if Disney was going to need to put a new face in his place, that would be the time to do it since his appearance is more than likely a cameo or one scene. 

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