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4 Night CW Invasion Crossover or 3 Night CW Invasion Crossover? (Spoilers)

Fans of the D.C. Universe tuned in tonight to watch what they thought would be the first night of The CW's Invasion Crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Sadly the episode fell short of the word "Crossover"  as less than a minute of the show included The Flashes Barry Allen and Cisco. One Facebook user vented "More like CW's Invasion 3 night and one minute crossover event"


Super Girl spent waaay to much time tonight on filler and setting up the plot for the crossover that it never fully finished setting up . While Super Girl was not bad tonight, it was not up to standards with what fans wanted to see in starting a crossover series that will be spanning four nights. All the CW needed to do was drop the plot early, bring the heros together and then break into some action. Instead, the CW focused more on Super Girl story line, little of the Invasion plot and cameos by Barry and Cisco at the end.


All in all those who tuned in were let down by not seeing Legends, Arrow, The Flash and Super Girl all come together tonight. 

Now with that being said, tonight's Super Girl was not a bad episode, just not worthy of being a part of the crossover. The episode had some epic moments such as Martian Manhunter turning into White Martian while fighting Cyborg Superman, Super Girl chasing after the meta killing missile and Super Girl cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in seconds with her laser eyes.  


My thoughts are that the CW was trying to get a boost in ratings on Super Girl and included more of a Super Girl story line so that fans who solely watch The Flash, Arrow and maybe Legends would see a Super Girl episode (under bait and switch)  and become weekly viewers.

Soooo we got a good episode of Super Girl tonight and think it is fair to say that the Crossover Invasion has been reduced to 3 nights though.

Hopefully the actual crossover will start early in tomorrow nights episode of The Flash. We would hate to see the event reduced to two nights.

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