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Breaking News: Marvel and ABC will be going forward with InHuman series!!!

Comicbook.com just broke the news the Marvel and ABC will be releasing InHumans as a series in 2017! The series will premier in IMAX theaters for the first two episodes then shift to ABC television. Obviously this is a test by Marvel and ABC to see if they can earn a couple more well deserved bucks by having a TV show hit Franks 2000 inch TV prior to hitting Tv's in your home. (Did anyone get that reference) 

In addition this tells us something very important in relation to Agents Of Shield. It appears as if Marvel has finally decided to go all in on Inhuman's and walk away from attempting to pry the mutilated X-men franchise from Fox's careless hands.  

Are you ready for Marvel and ABC's Inhuman's series? 

Are you ready for Marvel and ABC's Inhuman's series? 

What Inhuman are you most excited to see on Marvels Inhuman's? Blackbolt is obviously a given but here at CGConFix we are pulling and can't wait to see Karnak! 


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