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Last Jedi: Adam Driver Video Interview. Expect The Unexpected For Kylo Ren Story Arc! Video In Linky


One of the funest yet most frustrating parts of the hype build up to the release of major films is fan theories speculating as to where our hero's or villians may end up. 

Many including us at CGYen believe that Kylo Ren eventually will step away from the darkness and become either a light or possibly a grey Jedi.  

Going deeper into the rabbit hole a vast majority of the hype surrounding the last Jedi also suggests Luke will fall to the dark side.  


With these rumors and theories very prominant on the internet, obviously Adam Driver has to be very well aware of what people are expecting. Perhaps in this wonderful age of technology it is possible that the Kylo Ren story line will take a twist that has not been mentioned or that is not talked about as much.

Either way, the hype for The Last Jedi is about to go into full swing before the films much anticipated release in 116 days and 13 hours on December 15th, 2017.

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