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Investigative Journalism #1: The Murder of Boba Fett? Part I


It was a fight probably more memorable for Princess Leia's sexy attire, rather than the actual action sequences. Luke Skywalker's execution stalled when all the main heroes took center stage and wrecked havoc upon Jabba the Hutt's minions. Then a wild card appeared. Boba Fett, the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, roared into action on his jet pack... and was summarily defeated by a luck shot from a blind Han Solo. As Fett rolled into the jaws of the Sarlaac Pit, we were reminded that no one escapes the digestive fluids of the beast... and so the story of the galaxy's scourge came to an end. Or did it?


Surprise reincarnations have not been absent from the Star Wars universe; especially when there are toys to be involved. For instance, the seemingly fatal being sliced in half of Darth Maul was extrapolated on in The Clone Wars animated series, where we learn he held himself together using the force and built a metal spider body for himself. Cheating? Maybe, but at least we got Darth Maul for a few more years as a result. It seems that this same kind of tactic may be in use for Boba Fett as well. With Disney realizing that the diamond it bought in Lucasfilm is much more than priceless, they are also looking to tie up loose ends in the canon, while paying some due fan service.

As many know, Disney has shelved the old Extended Universe canon in order to create its own, thus all we thought we knew about Boba Fett's survival in the old books has fallen away to “Legends.” However, that hasn't stopped them from teasing us with the new official canon portrayed in the “Aftermath” trilogy books. According to bobafettfanclub.com, these books offer not so subtle hints at how and when the bounty hunter escaped the infamous Sarlaac. Take, for instance, page 300 of “Aftermath” where Jawas are selling “what sounds likes Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor” amidst pieces from luxury sail barge wreckage. We are also told that the armor is acid damaged... a seemingly clear reference to the acid of the Sarlaac. Apparently these hints are continued in the sequels to “Aftermath” with “Life Debt” talking about Mandalorian armor being salvaged and worn, and “all-too-familiar Mandalorian armor” being drug out in “Empire's End.”


Given what little Disney has revealed over the past couple of years with these books, here is a narrative of what appears to have happened. Surprised at the mentioning of Boba Fett's name, a blind Han Solo accidentally knocks the bounty hunter into the mouth of the Sarlaac. From inside the beast's mouth, Boba Fett can barely hear the screams and shouts of Jabba the Hutt's gangsters as they are cut down. Finally, the battle ends with a thunderous boom that vibrates Fett's limbs even from this far under the ground. All goes silent, except for the sizzling of acid upon his battle scarred green armor. The fight is long and tiresome, possibly lasting for days. Fett's years of training are tested to their limits along with his famous Mandalorian physical endurance. At times he is reminded that his are the perfect genetics of the galaxy's last great bounty hunter, Jango Fett. In fact, the Empire's great army is modeled after his genetics. Maybe it is this self assurance that leads to his final escape.

Wounded from his ordeal, Fett takes his mask off and breathes fresh air. Dehydrated and weak, he looks upon the Tatooine wastes with dread. There is no life to be found anywhere. The sail barge of the desert planet's most famous crime syndicate lays in blackened fragments, and the bodies of the dead lay with their putrid stench exposed to Tatooine's twin suns. The heat is stifling, and the armor will now only be a hindrance. Since the fall into the Sarlaac, all of the armor's systems have failed. The green metal is twisted from acids and neurotoxins that would have paralyzed him without this shield. Taking it all off, Boba Fett staggers, weakly into the wastes toward where Mos Eisley should be. Will he make it wearing nothing but the sweaty garments he wore under the armor? Only time knows, but with the hot suns overhead... the battle for survival has only just begun.

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