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Star Wars: Small Alignment Details Emerge Concerning Del Toro Character In Last Jedi.


Mike Zerho has an update concerning Del Toro's role in the last Jedi. It appears Del Toro will be a wild card but if anything can be taken by this quote from Del Toro  "it's like I'm the viilian". It is that Del Toro will be playing an anti hero, perhaps for a third faction.

In addition to this Del Toro's character being called "the man in black" by fans, his class will be slicer. 

More about Slicers and their role in the Star Wars Universe here:  http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Slicer/Legends

The term "slicer" was used to describe computer experts, often self-taught, who excelled at working within a complex computer network, and were able to extract information from this network with great skill. Often, this information was secured by any number and manner of encryption and lockout systems, and a skilled slicer was able to circumvent these systems without triggering alarms. 

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