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Star Wars Rey Theory Debunked! Unfortunate Set Back For #TeamSkyWalker!


Two years ago we all sat in our seats and prepared to watch a cultural phenomenon. Live action Star Wars had returned! People who were not even fans of the franchise flocked to see what Disney had in store. Questions hung in the air. Was it true what leaks said about the death of Han Solo? Who the heck is this guy Snoke, and is he a Sith? And also... is this girl Rey we keep seeing in the posters and trailers the new Skywalker? For the most part, J. J. Abrams did a good job of chumming the water to keep us entertained and speculating for two years. Die hard and lay fans alike joined in the speculations  of who the lineage of main character, Rey, is and what that means for the franchise. Theories have abounded claiming her to be a granddaughter of Kenobi, clone of Palpatine, reincarnation of Vader, the daughter of Boba Fett, and a whole slew of others that range from the very convincing to the completely absurd. However, one of the most pervasive is the belief that Rey is none other than the daughter of Luke Skywalker, the greatest Jedi in the galaxy.



Confirmation of the Rey Skywalker theory appeared confirmed after a seeming glitch in the non-canonical game Disney Infinity 3.0. Here fans swore they heard the infamous Kylo Ren call Rey his cousin! The “accidental” leak took fans and the Star Wars community by storm! Some poor Disney worker may have lost his job over such a freak leak to the new series' greatest mystery. How could something like this have gotten past Kathleen Kennedy, one of the goddesses in charge of the Star Wars universe? Was this snuck in at the last moment by someone who knew too much? In the end, it didn't matter. The truth was out! Kylo Ren and Rey were related and that meant Rey was a Skywalker... or was it.

Before firing this fully armed and operational battle station and blowing up the Team Skywalker fans in mid-celebration, thus becoming your new General Hux, I wish to give a nod to the stalwart nature of that team's beliefs. None of the information I am about to give is necessarily new, but Team Skywalker has a great propaganda network on social media, so the dark truth has been buried behind the laurels of celebration. As it turns out the “Face me, cousin” line so well circulated from Disney Infinity 3.0 is nothing of the sort. Reported on sources such as kotaku.com and cinemablend.com, the hype is all over nothing. If one listens to the tape of the game's play through more closely, what one actually hears are the scripted words, “Face me... Curses!” Both of which are scripted prompts in the game's design. In the short film, the Rey character is avoiding Kylo Ren which leads to the demand to “Face me!” However, the confusion comes in when Kylo is then hit by a blaster shot and utters, “Curses!” When playing the game one can hear Kylo Ren say both of these phrases by reenacting the order of events that prompt the code for Kylo's “Face me” and “Curses” responses; however, no one has been able to get him to say “cousin” in any of these situations.

Well, with my super weapon recharging after firing that, perhaps, unexpected strike on Team Skywalker's resistance, I think I shall slink back off to my dark brooding corner and await their next strike... which is sure to come. With trailers for Episode 8: The Last Jedi creating further speculation, it is only a matter of time before the answers are finally revealed to us. As for now, let's leave Team Skywalker licking its wounds and regroup for the next assault of the Rey's lineage teams to pick a part further quotes and Easter eggs that may prove their theories correct.

Benjamin Lee Krause

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