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Grant Gustin Will Return To The Flash For Season Four Despite Rumors Stating He Would Not Be!


Have no fear Flash fans Grant Gustin will be returning as Barry Allen in season four of the CW's hit series The Flash. After The Flash's season finale last season, rumors started to circulate that Grant Gustin would be handing over the title of The Flash to Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West). While Wally West definitely make an excellent lead, fans of the hit series would prefer to see him in his own TV show opposed to taking over for Barry. 


While The CW's shows start off strong, one of the biggest reoccuring situations that plagues the CW's series are the inclusion of to many characters in a single show. For this reason the network eventually was forced to create Legends Of Tomorrow to find a home for some of the characters overwhelming The Flash and Arrowverse. Even with Legends of tomorrow taking on extra cast, The Flash and Arrow start losing traction with fans when the the shows become "The Flash and Friends" and "Friends and Green Arrow". Not to mention at some point fans start to wonder that with the size of the groups surrounding our hero's, is there is anyone left in Central or Star City who does not know the true identity of our hero's.

 Taking all of the above into account, the day Grant Gustin leaves The Flash, will be the last day The CW can say they have a current hit show. The Flash started out as the story of Barry Allen and needs to stick with it. If there is ever a time for Wally West to take the throne as The Flash, it would be better served in a seperate show in which both characters can meet in cross overs and  have their stories focused on entirely. 

Either way here at CGYen we are excited to see Hrant Gustin and The Flash returning to TV this fall! 

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