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Deadpool Cosplayer D Piddy Appearing At Venus's Comic's Grand Opening This Saturday!


Interview Taken From Buisness Insider - 

 "I mess around with people. I try to stay in character," Piddy told Tech Insider via email. "It got on Reddit, and I liked what people said about what I did, so I kept doing it. As for my name ... I wanted to call myself 'somethingDeadpool' (like LA Deadpool and Dancepool came to mind) since that's the character I was most known for, but I didn't want to use 'Deadpool, in case I wanted to cosplay something else (also, the name "Deadpool" wasn't mine, it's Marvel's, and I wanted to be me). Still, I wanted something kind of to do with Deadpool. I saw a Variant cover with Deadpool wearing a do-rag that said D. Pooly, and I thought that was cool, but I just changed it to D-Piddy." 

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