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Star Wars: New Hotel Don't Just Live Star Wars Sleep It Too!


Don't Just Live Star Wars, Sleep It Too!

Maybe a long time ago, perhaps in a State far away, you went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The parks were cool, food was expensive, and the lines were... well... long. Sometimes in the heat all you could think about was: Gee, I can only take four more hour long hold ups before I need to go back to the hotel for a nice cold shower. Yeah, I'm sure us poor vacation planners gunning for a summer break trip have all been there. So, you go back to your hotel at the end of your day, wipe the sweat from your forehead, and open the front door... “Trooper why aren't you at your post? A Jedi has escaped!”


“What's that?” I hear you ask. What has played out before you is quite possibly what it will be like to stay in Disney's new Star Wars themed hotel in Orlando. Many details are not leaked yet, but what we do know is that, like their new Star Wars theme park, Disney is planning on having your hotel stay be part of the immersion experience as well. Secret missions and story lines guided by guest choices and actions will bring the Star Wars saga into your hotel rooms. Also in the reveal is that the hotel will be designed to be one of the many craft seen in the Star Wars movies. Included in all this will be the standard character interaction that guests receive in other Disney hotels, but this time they are all our favorite Star Wars characters.


But don't just stay for one day, and time your trip right! Disney has also stated that the story being told in the new hotel will be a “two day narrative event” as reported by telegraph.co.uk. For those guests staying longer than a couple days, there lies the potential to partake in more than one version of the story by changing the decisions you make and possibly begetting new outcomes, or siding with different factions. When Walt Disney originally built his parks, he designed them to immerse visitors into a whole new fantasy world. One can claim, perhaps correctly, that the big man with the mouse would never have anticipated something as immersive as these new Star Wars themed attractions and hotel are geared up to be!

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