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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Details!


Finally the First Order's Story Is Told!

Remember when the new Star Wars: Battlefront came out on the newer Xbox Ones and Playstation 4s? We were so excited to see what the untold stories would be, while some of us were even more enthusiastic about seeing Boba Fett and the Battle of Jakku shown in the trailers. Yet, when we all sat down to play, it turned out that none of the missions fit a story line, and all characters were playable despite continuity errors... it was a sad time. What should have been an unparalleled multiplayer experience was scarred by the lack of story filling that Star Wars fans crave. Friends, our plights were heard, and the powers that be have answered.


Star Wars Battlefront II, to be released in November, 2017, promises to tell that story. However, if one reads between the lines, it may be a bit more than just a cool narrative, but also will fill in the gaps that the new film, to be released in December, may not. Our story will center around Iden Versio, an Imperial soldier in the Inferno Special Forces Squadron. Being present at the Battle of Endor, Versio witnesses the destruction of the Death Star II, and vows revenge. What little else we have been shown and told is that the story will encompass the thirty years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens as Versio and the remnants of the Empire try to fulfill Emperor Palpatine's last request: Destroy the Rebellion, as told to us theverge.com, wookiepedia, and the official ea.com website.


Before detractors enter the conversation, let me add that it has been announced that Versio's story will be canon to the Star Wars Universe, so therefore will have an impact on our understanding of events that unfold. The fact that we will be “living” the missing thirty years strongly implies that we will be, in effect, playing the rise of the First Order, Snoke, and Kylo Ren. Will we be partaking in the attack on Luke Skywalker's Jedi? Surely the Battle of Jakku will be experienced in full. Alas, might we experience the finding of Snoke and have all these backstory answers explained in one fell swoop? It might be. Whereas some of this will be rehashed in The Last Jedi just a month after the game's release, one might be able to see the Battlefront II game as a teaser and preview for what the new film has in store.

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