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Stephen King: The King Multi-Verse

The King Multi-Verse!


Horror enthusiasts the world over know the name Stephen King as being synonymous with the scariest stories of our time. From vampires to demons, King's creations stab us deep with his flare for the macabre. However, it is not King's monsters like Pennywise the are necessarily the most memorable, but rather his characters such as Annie Wilkes. For those avid readers of King's work, some have noticed that several of his stories are connected through his character, Flagg and the fictional town of Castle Rock Maine. At least one of these is the feature of a new series being brought to Hulu.


J. J. Abrams and Stephen King are collaborating to create the new show, Castle Rock, which is going to combine even more of King's stories together into the same multi-verse. A trailer for the series advertises that Pennywise (It), Annie Wilkes (Misery), as well as the books Salem's Lot and Needful Things among others are to be combined into a coherent story line. Not exciting enough, one can only speculate that with this list of stories and characters, that we may also be able to have a certain St. Bernard named Cujo, a timid girl named Carrie, or even a demonic car loving called Christine all make their debuts at some point in the series.

On top of the stories and characters, the released information also tells us that actors and actresses of King's movies are also coming into the series. Sissy Spacek who portrayed the original Carrie White, and Bill Skarsġard the actor bringing the new Pennywise to the big screen are but a few notables taking on new roles in Castle Rock. With such a combination, fans of the master of horror are sure to flock in great numbers to see what lies in store. One thing is certain: a collaboration of this magnitude means that our nightmares will never be the same again.



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