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Recommended Reading: Image Comics Saga: Mild Spoilers


For most my life I have always stuck with the big two, Marvel and DC Comics. Have never really ventured out to read comics by Image, Dark Horse or smaller Independent lables.

This weekend while grand opening Venus's Comic Book shop in DC at Union Station that all changed though. When the doors opened at ten a.m. I actually had the pleasure of assisting the first customer with his purchase. When I approached the gentlemen he had already been walking around for a few and had a stack of books in his hands. At one point he had some questions about Indie comics which I needed to grab one of the shop owners (Zach for). Zach assisted the customer in finding the book he was looking for and afterwards the customer and I continued conversing. In our conversation I shared with the customer about my lack of knowledge concerning Independent comics and the customer shared his lack of knowledge surrounding DC's current comics Rebirth. Both the customer and I made recommendations for each other. I recommended the customer to read the first issue of Rebirth and got him a first print addition Venus's had a was selling for cover price. The customer in return recommended that I read Image Comics series Saga.


Flash forward a few days later....

I just finished reading volume one of Saga and I'm amazed! Part of me hopes the customer was as impressed by my Rebirth recommendation. For those of you who do not know the basic storyline of Saga, it is about a moon (Wreath) and a planet (Landfall)in which the inhabitants of both are at war. The main characters Alana (female, planet Landfall) and Marco (male, moon Wreath) fall in love while Marco is prisoner on Landfall and Alana is guarding him. Alana becomes pregnant with Marco's baby and the two are forced the go on the run due to the fact that both Wreath and Landfall's leaders see the couple as betrayers and want them dead. In addition to both of their own races attenpting to hunt them down. Mercenaries are hired to go after Marco and Alana as well as a combat decorated Prince. 


While I realize many of you may already be familiar with Image Comics book Saga, those of you who are not, really desereve to treat yourselves and give it a read. I can honestly say that there was not one point in my reading of volume one where I became bored or felt as if the book became slow to read.  

I wanted to throw this article up before I started Saga volume 2 and it is going on 1 a.m. . I'm dying to dive right into Vol 2 but know if I start it, there will be no way I will be able to put it down and I will be up all night. Therefor, I will be starting Vol. 2 tomorrow. 

In closing I would give Saga a 10/10 for story, art as well as creativity. I hope the follow up books are as amazinf as Saga Vol. One was and will post a review on Vol. 2 after completed.

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