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Mobile Gaming! Marvel Future Fight Finally Gets X-Men License! Update Tonight, All The Details Of Update In Linky


The wait is finally over, and we are finally able to reveal the full extent of Marvel Future Fight 3.1! The arrival of the X-Men is also followed with 2 new Uniforms, new Epic Quests and other various improvements! Take a look below at all the changes made in this update.


▣ Added 7 new characters

The X-Men have arrived! The mutants ‘Cyclops', 'Jean Grey', 'Wolverine', 'Storm', 'Beast', 'Rogue' and 'Magneto' have been added.


※ Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine can be obtained through the new Epic Quest: Rise of the X-Men


※ Wolverine can be acquired and leveled up through Epic Quest: Rise of the X-Men

※ Magneto is available after purchasing the deluxe package and its exclusive mission.

※ Jean Gray can be acquired through Epic Quest: Rise of the X-Men's "Resurrection of Phoenix"

※ X-genes can be obtained through the 'tracking' mission.

※ With the new Characters, new challenges have been added.

* Numbers are based on skill level 1.

[What is the X-gene?]

X-genes are unavailable to select from Biometrics Selector.

▣ Added 2 new uniforms


New Uniforms have been added for Gwenpool and Crystal.

* New Uniforms are available discounted price for a short period, you will be able to check their specific features in the Uniform Room. 

▣ New Epic Quest - 'Rise of the X-Men'

Help Wolverine and the X-Men stop Magneto and Maximus!

A new Epic Quest that ranks up Wolverine has been added! Through this Epic Quest you will be able to get other rewards too.

Rise of the X-Men Epic Quest features ‘Story’, “Research’, etc.

You can acquire 4 new Heroes’ X-Genes by completing the Tracking missions.

Also, if you purchase the Rise of the X-Men Deluxe version, you can earn additional rewards and have Missions that are only available with the Deluxe package.

- Purchase deluxe items to acquire and grow Magneto!

By getting 5 of the New characters to Tier-2, you will be able to unlock the native Tier-2, Jean Grey.

▣ Added new Hero Growth Material acquisition function

New materials have been added for the X-men characters. These new materials are required to Tier-2 the characters and also master them. 

Added new function in the lab

You can now convert Black Anti-Matter and Chaotic Nornstones into “Phoenix Feather’ and ‘M’kraan Crystals’.

※ When converting materials in the converter, conversion will not be possible if the quantity exceeds the daily limit

▣ Daily Mission Improvements

Daily missions have been improved. You can now choose which materials you want to earn on a particular day!

We have also cut the number of Daily Missions down to four.

ISO-8 & Nornstone: ISO-8 and Nornstones will drop from enemies

Gold & Experience Chips: You can earn more Gold than other Daily Missions in this mission. EXP chips are also available here.

M’kraan Shards: You can acquire M’kraan Shards that are used to Master X-Men Characters.

You can now recharge your Daily Mission entries by using crystals. 

▣ UI changes

We have made changes to the main Lobby and some of the other menus.

There have also been some additions and features added to make it easier to play the game. 

1. UI improvement in the lobby

Mission and Arena buttons have been combined under the new Enter Button. .

To increase space available for the future, the Alliance Tournament and Epic Quest shortcuts have been removed.

Press the battle entry button to enter the mission selection screen.

Once you enter this screen, you will be shown new tabs for you to find the content easier.

Mission / Arena / Challenge / Co-op

Mission: Story Missions, Daily Missions, Special Missions, Epic Quest, and Dimension Rifts.

Arena: Timeline Battle, Alliance Battle, Alliance Conquest, Alliance Tournament, and Battle World

Challenge: Villain Siege, World Boss, and Shadowland.

Co-op: Co-op play, World Boss Invasion

2. Sub-Menu change

The old Sub-Menu has been changed, and you can now scroll through options available by pressing the arrow button on the bottom left of the screen.

3. Store Notifications

The Store Icon in the lobby will now display specific events such as your free chest being avaialble of a Uniform Sale that has started.

- If uniforms are on sale, there will be preview on the uniform tab in the shop

4. New content status board

The new Content Status Board has been added. This board will allow you to follow what you have remaining to play. By pressing the arrow button, you will be taken directly to that mission.

5. Improved User Information

You will now be able to check other players Comic Cards, ISO-8 sets, Uniform Upgrades and more! You can also change the order of the characters shown when visiting a friends roster.

6. Assemble Points

You can now claim assemble points from the friends window! 

- When a friend sends assemble points, the receive icon is activated!

In addition, you can check whether you can get assemble points or not at the top points marked with red dots!

 You can receive assemble points one time from each friend daily.

You can still collect assemble points by clicking the 'Claim All' button.

Assemble points have been increased from 20 to 30!

※ You can collect a maximum of 1500 assemble points per day.

※ The existing Mailbox 'Assemble Points' tab will be deleted, and saved assemble points will be moved to the 'Gift' tab.

※ Assemble points moved to a gift item can be collected within the same period of time as before. 

▣ Improvements for Hero Chest and Hero Selector

If you already own a Hero and you want to choose the same Hero in the Hero Selector,

the method of giving Biometrics is improved as follows:

If your Hero's rating is higher than or equal to the newly acquired Hero's rating

The Hero's Biometrics you will receive is the same as before. 

If your Hero's rating is lower than the newly acquired Hero's rating

The lower Hero's rank will be replaced by the higher grade. 

▣ Other Game Improvements

1. Fixed an issue where you can navigate through contents that are not yet finished like tutorials, or shortcuts in the guides.

2. Fixed a bug that caused a network error when entering Timeline Battle after changing Timeline team with banned Heroes included.

3. An issue where in Alliance Battle, certain heroes could be damaged by meteor whilst immune to fire has been resolved.

4. Fixed an issue where the projectile effect of some Heroes’ skills (Moon Knight, Yellow Jacket, etc.) was amplified.

5. Fixed an issue where the ‘Shock Wave’ effect of a Special Gear was not applied.

6. Changed the position of the 'Current Quantity' pop-up in certain areas.

7. 'World Boss Ultimate Rank' screen title will be changed to 'Rank Information'.

8. Fixed an issue where after World Boss Ultimate is cleared, it would automatically move you to the next phase.

9. Fixed an issue where certain characters would display only one buff in certain situations.

10. A new pop-up has been added notifying you when you set a team with no leader.

11. Alliance Tournaments will now show more accurate information when determining a winner in case of a draw. 

Existing: Determine win / loss by HP simple sum of surviving Heroes.

Change: Adds the percentage of the remaining health of surviving Hero in the win / lose sum.

※ However, a Hero with Resurrection ability will be equal to 0% of the remaining stamina from the cooldown after resurrecting once.

12. In the Tutorial, Black Panther and Thor will now wear their uniforms.

            Thor - Avengers: Age of Ultron Uniform

              Black Panther - Captain America: Civil War Uniform

13. Some Heroes' modeling is improved.

                  - Jocasta (NPC)

                  - Nebula (Basic Uniform)

                  - M.O.D.O.K (Capdok)

                  - Gwenpool (Basic Uniform)

                  - Rocket Raccoon (Basic Uniform)

                  - Captain America (Basic Uniform)

14. Fixed the Quest Pack reward position in Special Missions.

15. In the Story Mission, improved the reward information when clicking on the reward icon displayed on a specific stage.

16. Fixed a bug where locking Mythic Class Cards did not show a lock symbol.

17. The following known issues from 3.0 have been fixed:

- Hero Speech Bubbles not disappearing in tutorials has been fixed.

- Powerful ISO-8 tab issue has been fixed

  - Irregular Defeats in Battleworld have been fixed

- The issue where Alliance Conquest rewards could now be collected in certain situations has been fixed.

  - Ghost Rider (Robby Reyes)’s 'Hell Racer' skill animation has been fixed

- Certain character models showing irregularly has been fixed

- Enhancement Available mark showing when scrolling through the Uniform Menu has been fixed.

- The timers on Free energy/Free Biometrics Chest have been fixed.

  - The issue where certain characters not appearing on the available biometrics list when upgraded Native Tier-2 Characters has been fixed.

- Mission result pop-up screen disappears when using 'Complete all missions' function in the Lab Warp Device Missions.

18. Inhuman, Mutant species are added

19. Species of Some Heroes have been modified

Inhumans Trailer and Sneak Peek Still from the set.

Avengers: Infinity War first look!!