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Netflix New Releases


In an unprecedented move, Netflix, the CW and in most instances here DC Comics, have decided to  release the most recent Seasons of some of their Top Shows, long before even announcing a release date for DVD or Blu-ray. I'm here to run down that  list for you. 



Arrow Season 5

After defeating Damian Dark and H.I.V.E. and saving his City, the new Mayor of Star City, Oliver Queen faces new threats with a new team.



The Flash Season 3

We last saw Barry Allen defeating Zoom. And while that's all well and good, it brought with it an entiely new assortment of issues to deal with. As if jumping through Time wasn't enough, now Team Flash has to deal with threats from different dimensions, as well as the Speed Force Demon Ghosts hunting Barry for breaking, well, pretty much everything. 



Supergirl Season 2

After battling a loved one in order to stop Non and Indigo's plans on destroying all life on Earth, Kara is left with more questions than answers and another threat on the horizon.



Supernatural Season 12

 Season 11 left the team with little choice but to sacrifice one of their own, in order to save all of creation from blinking out of existence. Will they return? Chances are pretty good considering their history, but you'll have to watch season 12 to find out for sure.


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