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Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Video Game Trailer

I'm going to be completely honest here and say that I've never actually played the first one. I'm personally not a Huge gamer,  and the Lego games, while entertaining, were never really big on my radar. That being said, after seeing the action, and members of The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and various Spider-Man iterations and villains all on the same screen together, I'm a little pumped to play it. Unfortunately it appears that Lego and Marvel couldn't include members of the X-Men and Fantastic Four or their rogues as Fox Still holds the Rights to both of those franchises. However that doesn't seem to take anything away from the game itself. Decided for yourself. 

Lego Superheroes 2 will be available for the XBox 360, XBox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Shane E.

Batman and Harley Quinn Animated movie trailer.

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