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Marvel Gives Fans What They Wanted With Generations But At 5 Bucks A Book!


Smh!! Marvel, Marvel, Marvel, you just can't find the formula can you? Either content suffers or price at this point! Thats right kids Marvel has brought back all your favorite characters with Marvel Generations but sadly you will not get to read them because at $5 a pop you are gonna need to get a second or third job just to afford to buy them.  

While DC Movies need to take some notes from Marvels Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics needs to take some notes from DC whe it comes to print. Close to a year ago DC launched Rebirth and since then DC sales have been strong thanks to fresh new storylines, iconic characters and decent price point. The results have been great for DC just look at results from March of 2017 a year after rebirth roled out....

March 2017 had 6,635,631 units in the top 300 comics list, an increase of 309,340 units from last month putting the month around 10,000 units below average. DC accounted for 40.73% of the units for the top 300 comics. Marvel accounted for another 38.9% of the units. Image had 8.14% of the units for the top 300 comics but did have over 10% market share both by units and dollars. The market share reported by Diamond includes all invoices sales for comics, trades and magazines while the breakdown of the top 300 comics only includes the top 300 comics. The gap between DC and Marvel in the top 300 comics was 120,967 units in favor of DC and was much wider this month than the narrow gap of the past two months


So come on Marvel, yes we want generations but not at five bucks a pop!  Guess we will have to wait for this brilliant idea to run its course or hit a lower price point before we get to enjoy a Marvel Comicbook again!

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