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Bad News For The Comic World! Rich Buckler Dies At Age 68!


Rich Buckler passed away yesterday after an extensive fight against cancer. Buckler is best known for introducing the Marvel comics fan favorite Deathlok in Astonishing Tales #25 back in 1974. Buckler also worked on Fantastic Four, Black Panther and Supermans Girl Friend Lois Lane for DC comics!



"In creating Deathlok, what I came up with was so surreal and “out of left field” that I wondered if it even fit in with Marvel’s universe of super-heroes. Actually, I strongly suspected that he wouldn’t. He wasn’t a hero, that’s for sure.

The concept would have elements of mind control, military black ops, terrorism, science gone mad, and a dark apocalyptic future scenario with a main character who was a computer-programmed assassin gone rogue. As the idea developed it began to take shape and form as a wild paranoid fantasy that I thought fit perfectly with the times we were living in.

It seemed to be a time for the creation of a new archetype – one that would reflect the technological age we all were headed into (or, rather, the future that our world leaders seem to be making sure we are heading into). Maybe not exactly a new Superman – or maybe something even beyond the “superman” concept! – a character who would encounter much of the insanity of the modern world that I perceived even in my early twenties."

- per http://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com/2010/05/from-desk-of-rich-buckler-part-v.html?m=1


- CGyen would like to send our best wishes to the Buckler family for their loss! 

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